Monday, January 23, 2012

How to get a teenager to do chores.

How to get a teenager to do chores
I have no idea how.
I was thinking about things that are easier to do, like:
·         Threading a rope through the eye of a needle.
·         Advocating sobriety in a pub.
·         Selling refrigeration to Eskimos.
Getting them to clean their bedrooms is close to impossible.
True story we once moved the girls’ bedrooms around while they were away.  We found green moulding stuff under one of their beds.
I found a way to get bedrooms tidied and some chores done but only occasionally.
If you are a parent of a teenager, I know you are very keen to know how.
Simple they are not allowed to go out unless their bedroom is clean.
When the dishes need washing, the floor needs sweeping or mopping:
Teenagers become very, very ill.
It is rather like those sexist cartoons where the woman never feels like having sex.
The excuses are the same:
·         I have a headache.
·         I did it last week.
·         I need to wash my hair.
·         Let me eat first.
·         My friend has a crisis I must call her.
·         Am I your slave?
·         What is wrong with you, can’t you do it by yourself?
My friend’s facebook status was “Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your teenagers.”
Once Jess is grown I am going to get a button that says “I survived 3 teens”.

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