Monday, January 23, 2012

Michael has a bun in the oven

Michael has a bun in the oven
Ok so I know you all had this image...

No silly people this is what is actually happening..........

Don’t ask me why because I am not an expert on the going ons of the universe but my husband has taken to baking.  Yesterday we had delicious bread baked with cheese in the middle. In the past month we have had breads, buns and muffins.
I can bake those things as well but I get all jealous because his are so dam pretty.
His buns are smooth and perfectly round.  (I am talking about the things he bakes)
I think he measures them; it is the German in him coming out.  Even when he makes meatballs he can make a dozen meatballs and they are all exactly the same size.  When I cook my food has personality each meatball is unique.  My food is not robotic and engineered, OK.
I remember my Mom made my daughters boiled eggs the one morning and they popped slightly.  She really thinks on her feet.  Knowing that the little girls would say the eggs were ugly and would not eat them.  She told them that she had a special surprise for breakfast, “Humpty Dumpty eggs.” It worked they ate them.
Any way my Michael now knows his place:
Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.
I am going to have to make space in the pantry for him, move over Granny.

  Imagine I am going to be the most envied woman in the world with a husband and a Granny in the kitchen cupboard ready to do my bidding.

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