Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Affair

I have been having an affair for about two years now.  Michael knows about it and he is completely fine with it, you see he is not a jealous person.  So you are probably curious to know how we became one of those open marriage couples.
Let me tell you about how my affair began.
About two years ago Michael was playing a game on Facebook and needed more resources sent to himself......
He created a new persona
Michael Smith

Yes I know, really he could have been more creative with the name.
I think he should have let me choose a name, maybe something gigaloee like
...  Valentino or Ramone
Anyway despite his name and his looks, (as you can see from above he is quite pale and boring looking) Michael Smith and I hit it off straight away.
I have been thinking about his looks and decided it is time he steps up, I mean if you are having an affair it should be with somebody super hot or you are just insulting your partner.
So here is the new, hot Michael Smith.

Maybe I should be worried because Michael Smith bullies or attacks people on online games and then Michael Halbhuber gossips about him with his friends.
True story I have seen his conversations..
“Gee that Michael Smith is really causing kak in this game.”
So this morning, I see Michael Smith is online and this is our conversation:
“Hi thanks for attacking the person that attacked me” (we play a war game together)
Michael Smith:
“It’s a pleasure.”
“Will you do me a huge favour?”
Michael Smith:
“Will you hang the washing on the line?”
Michael Smith:
“I love you”
Michael Smith:
“What is Michael Halbhuber going to say?”
“Shhh he doesn’t need to know”
I actually really thought for a moment that one of my friends was in an open marriage.
She was chatting to me on Skype and she was telling me why they were moving from Durban to Johannesburg.
“besides Neil’s HO is in Johannesburg.”
I read “Ho”
I immediately wondered how she could be so flippant about her husband having a woman on the side.
Then I realised she meant head office. Nothing racy at all.


  1. Oh how I wish my husband would learn the computer and then we could have steamy affairs online.

  2. Yes Brea, you will have to teach him soooo much fun. ;-) (and no funny diseases)