Thursday, January 19, 2012

Part Gypsy

Ok so in my adult life I have lost count of how many times I have moved.  I am 41 and lets average it out to 2 times a year, (some years I did not move, some I moved upto 5 times)
So if we average out it is 40 times that I have moved.
So what happened?
I had Carmen when I was only 20 and Raewyn came a year later.
My first marriage did not last long.  I had two little girls to support, without any proper qualification other than a matric (our term for having finished and passed the final exams of high school).  I was always looking for a cheaper place to stay or a better job.
Then I remarried and had Jess at 26.  Second marriage was again a fail.
Kept on changing jobs and changing homes.
Then I met Michael. 

Now Michael has worked at the same place forever.
So stability. Except for “fight club house” (I will tell the story in another blog one day), all the homes that Michael and I have stayed in have been lovely.
We moved quite a bit initially trying to find the right location, that fitted in with school, work and our not so great budget.

Then at a point all was fine, we were renting a lovely house and all was good.
And I started to look for another house.
Michael and my sister pointed out the fact that there was no reason to move and that maybe I don’t always move because I have to but because I want to.
Up till then I always thought that I hate moving.
Then I realised that it was true, I must be part gypsy. 

I hate the move, but I love looking at the houses and choosing.
So since being in that house we have moved another 3 times. (We actually really had to for various reasons)

Maybe I will lay down my reigns if we ever buy a house of our own.

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