Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stupid emails with dumb ass marketing

Every day I get at least five of them:
In the subject line:
“Your friend Stacy, John, Richard etc, etc, etc...has recommended this product to you”
Now first of all, these people are not my friends.
If anybody knows anything about me, I:
(a)    Am a grumpy menopausal bitch 80 percent of the time.
(b)   Work in an office with 3 other people, one being my boss, one my husband and the third the other accountant.
(c)    Go out about once in two years.
So... The conclusion is I cannot possible have hundreds of friends, I am lucky to have 10 if even that...
Secondly the few friends that I have know the following about me:
(a)    That I am broke.
(b)   That if I were not broke I would not be buying any online gimmicks.
My friends would also simply tell me on Facebook or Skype,
“Hey I am selling this.... are you interested or do you know if anybody is.”
They would not get somebody to send me an email recommending me a product that would just be weird.  
Seriously Marketers:
Do you really think we sit and look at our emails and say:
“Ooh my friend, Billy Bob has recommended that product, I must look right now it must be great!”

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