Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Bit Of A Twit

I have had Facebook since for eva.  I even used to be addicted, I spent hours and hours on Facebook, chatting on discussions or playing games.  I was a complete addict.  My sister started calling it Crackbook (she was also an addict.)  They say the first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem.  I knew I was an addict but I did not want to be cured.

Facebook for some or other reason (I think it was all the fights) removed the discussion boards.  I became tired of the games that I had been playing and some of my favourites were removed.  Thus I was cured of one of my worst addictions.

Probably about two years ago I opened a Twitter account but I did not become a Twit immediately.  My little brain thought it all looked a bit complex so I did what I do best when I don’t know I left it. 


I am rather curious and when I next had some time to spare and as I was not spending as much spare time on Facebook anymore, I decided to have another looky see.

At the time I was really getting into blogging.  I realised that twitter would be very good to get more people to look at my blog.

I also discovered that the fastest way to get local news is twitter.
The news team often tweet it before there is an article.

I started to follow all kinds of people that looked interesting.  Then I discovered that there is a limit depending on the percentage people following you back.

So I googled “How do I find out who is not following me back on Twitter”
I found those sites that tell you.

They have the free version where they show you all the people not following you back but you have to unfollow one by one.
They have the paid for version where you can unfollow a group.
I think I may have mentioned before that I am:
  1. Cheap
  2. Broke

So of course I took the free version.  Unfollowing one by one can be very boring so I have developed a strategy to make it more entertaining.
  • First I unfollow all the eggs.

  • Next I unfollow all the letter logos.
  • Then because flashing lights give me migraine I unfollow all the flashy, moving profiles.
  • Then comes the odd looking people
  • Then the animated characters.
  • Then any landscape pics.

Perhaps I should not be writing all this on my blog.  From my previous blogs you knew I was a little unstable but I think now you must think:
“She is fucking crazy”


  1. I also used to spend hours and hours on the discussion boards on fb, and I also used to play all the mindless games, but I got a bit bored, then I got a bit busy, so fb was a bit of a hazy memory.

    I have also rekindled my fb interest, but the whole fb scene seems to have gone a bit DEAD.

    I think they messed with a winning formula....who says all change is positive?

  2. I agree those discussions were so much fun.