Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love you Larmy.

A while ago on Facebook I posted one of those silly questionares that went like this:

Are you a close friend of mine?  Can you answer these questions?

The questions were something like this:
  1. What is my favourite colour?
  2. What is my favourite flower?
  3. What is my biggest fear?
  4. What is my favourite drink?
  5. What is my favourite food?
  6. What is your favourite TV show?

Carmen (my eldest) answered them all completely wrongly and it made me so happy.
Let me explain.
She knows her Mommy so well that she not only knows my favourite things she also knows what my least favourite things are.

She answered:
  1. Yellow – I hate yellow somebody strangled me once and he was wearing a yellow t-shirt (long story)
  2. Carnations – I can’t stand carnations, don’t know why but they always seem a bit Carnival to me.
  3. Insects – I don’t mind insects but I am petrified of being a passenger in a car.
  4. Wine- I am completely allergic to wine.
  5. Tomato soup- It is about the only food that I will not eat
  6. Bold and the Beautiful – I hate soaps.

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