Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best Potato Fritter Maker

When Michael and I met, he could only cook two things.
He sustained himself by cooking a large pot of chicken soup or making a large dish of mince mate once a week on a Sunday.   He would divide the meal up in portions and eat the same thing every day.

When we started living together he stopped cooking completely and was happy that I made all the meals.
I started to work shifts and all that had to change.  Michael was forced to cook for the family as I worked in the evenings.   Every day I had to write down how much of every ingredient he needed and exact instructions.  This was really difficult because I never measure when I cook, I just throw how much I think will work.

In that first year when Michael still looked at the meals I cooked with admiration, I made potato fritters (my own recipe).  Michael was soooo impressed. He said that his Dad had always tried to make them and had failed and mine were PERFECT.

I have lost my Goddess of Cookery status in the past years. 
The reasons are:
  • Michael put cool games on my PC.
  • We got the internet at home.
  • The family gave me a laptop for my 40th Birthday.

Once dinner is started the last thing I want to do is hang around the kitchen forever waiting for food to cook.  My food tends to be a little bit overdone; my fussy family call it burnt.
Presentation is another problem as I have mentioned before Michael makes his food ridiculously pretty.
He now thinks he is the MAN in the kitchen and that anything I can cook he can cook better.
Tonight I decided that for once I was making dinner and I decided on potato fritters.

As I was about to start I boasted:
“My potato fritters are the best.”

“We don’t know that for sure, I have not made them before.”

“That was not what you said years ago, you complimented me on making the best ones you had ever tasted.”

“I’m still saying you cannot take the BEST FRITTER MAKER AWARD until I make them once”

“This is my own recipe and if you make them, you will copy my recipe and then you will only be a plagiarist.”

Would you like my potato fritter recipe?  If you add a cool comment and ask me nicely I will send it to you.


  1. I will totally take your potato fritter recipe! I am not an amazing cook and will not be winning any titles anytime soon...but I am always looking for more dishes to add to my cooking rut that I seem to fall into to!

    I agree with you...he can not claim any awards if he uses YOUR recipe! You still win! The public has spoken! :)

  2. Thanks Marie I am going to read your comment to him right now and you totally deserve my recipe.