Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why did the hobo penguin cross the road?

Every morning I walk with Jess to wait with her for her bus.  It’s not safe for teenage girls to walk alone in our city, even though it is not far from home I prefer to always walk with her.

I had trouble waking up this morning.
When it was time to leave for the bus stop I grabbed the first clothes that I could find:

  • Loose black and white checked trousers (my daughters say that they look like pajama pants)
  • A black t-shirt and even though it was hot this morning I put a large black track-suit top on over (to hide the fact that I was not wearing a bra).
  • brown socks that I was too lazy to take off with brown slip on sandals.
  • I did not brush my hair.
While we are walking to the bus stop Jess says sarcastically:
“Nice set up with the shoes Ma”

She takes a look at what I am wearing and says:
“You look like a hobo penguin”

“I bet you are going to make that your facebook status”

“Yeah, I am going to say ‘Why did the hobo penguin cross the road?’”

“So why did it?”

“To get to the bus stop of course”

“And why did it cross it again?”

“To go home and get back into bed while it’s poor child is on a bus to school”

“I don’t and can’t do that, I have to rush to get ready for work when I am done here”

Jess in an unconvinced voice:
“Uh huh”

“When I get home you are home, how do I know you go anywhere?”

The bus was horribly late so, the poor hobo penguin had to endure the stares from horrified people stuck in traffic for 40 minutes longer than usual.  The hobo penguin decided to dress and  brush hair before taking the young one to the bus again.  Although the hobo penguin may not feel as concerned about doing these things when faced with “morning I don’t want to wakeupness”.


  1. I totally get it! I've walked my son out to the bus with pajamas and a robe on before. Coffee in one hand, backpack in the other. No one said motherhood is pretty! Great story!! I am going to think of a hobo penguin at some random or inappropriate time and burst out laughing now!

  2. Marie, I am so glad that I am not the only one, just had a thought going to make a new description for my blog. "Embarrassing my children since 2004" (that is the year my eldest became a teenager)