Friday, February 17, 2012

Our very SPECIAL Raewyn

Raewyn (My middly) has this profile pic:

I was looking at it today and realised that the tree looks like a woman.

So I wrote on her wall:
"I get it now, that tree is not only pretty but it looks like a woman, where did you get the pic?"

To which she replied:
I stood naked outside and dylan glued some twigs on me.. Pretty Schweet hey bru! Well either that or I googled tree/ women pictures and found this."

Then because she is Raewyn and she never knows when to stop she made this status:
"My profile picture is a picture of me, I rolled in glue and Dylan stuck twigs on me... I'm pretty sexy hey?? Well anyway don't feel bad if you aren't as hot as me in this picture.. My mom is jealous."

Raewyn would chat her own mother (Me) up.  I would walk into the kitchen in the morning bleary eyed and desperate for coffee to be met by Raewyn giving me a sexy wink:

"So you come here often?"


"Please crazy person can't flirt before drinking coffee."

With her living far from home I actually have to admit, I miss the crazy jokes.  (Please don't tell her, she does not need encouragement.)


  1. Yes very cool seems a bit wasted on our crazy person though, ha, ha.

  2. Raewee is definitely in her own class!!

  3. Yes Jayn miss her and Carmen soooo much.

  4. That is a really cool photo. And she sounds like a lot of fun :)