Friday, February 17, 2012

Embarrassing my Children since 2004

Jess complains when I blog and I don’t mention her:
“Am I not interesting enough for your blogs?”

When I do mention her:
“Ma you might as well put my life story on your blog!!!

When your children become teenagers, you become a constant source of embarrassment to them.
I changed my blog profile to “Embarrassing my children since 2004” because that is when Carmen became a teenager.

Carmen is turning 21 so it is close to 8 years that I have been an extreme embarrassment to my children.

If your children are not there yet prepare yourself for comments such as:

“Are you going to wear that?”
“Don’t kiss me my friends are right over there.”
“Could you drop me off here? I don’t want my friends to see our car.”
“Please don’t talk to my friends at my party”

A long, loooong, looooong time ago when I was a teenager, I went to the supermarket with my Mom.  My Mom bent down to a lower shelf to pick up an item.


She let out the loudest fart ever.

I was the most embarrassed teenager on the planet.
I ran out of the supermarket, determined that nobody would know that we are related.
I know now that it was a very embarrassing for my Mom as well and that it was very difficult for my Mom to control her flatulence due to the surgery that she had, had.

Karma also has a nasty way of kicking you in the butt as I have had a very similar surgery.

One day more than likely my children will be embarrassing their own children.


  1. Haha so true! For me it was my dad who embarrassed me, often by saying what I thought were the most outrageous comments in front of my friends.

    Apparently all my friends think he's funny! *shrugs*

  2. At least we get to a point where we are no longer embarrassed and we love them for their quirks.