Monday, February 13, 2012

On-line Wars

When I am really, really, really tired and grumpy like I am today, I start online wars.
A few months ago it was Greyhound, South Africa.
Strike 1:
They left my daughter on the side of the highway because the bus never stopped to drop her off.
Strike 2:
They dropped my daughter off and left with her luggage.
Strike 3:
They left her stranded in the middle of the night because the bus left 15 minutes early.
  • After trying to get an apology and a refund to no avail I started an online war:
  • I became their friend on Facebook and then made disgruntled comments every 5 minutes.
  • I tweeted up a storm about how much I dislike their company and their terrible service.
  • I skyped about them.
  • I reported them on Hello Peter
  • I made my status a complaint about them.
  • I blogged about them

None of it helped because to date I still have had no apology from them.  I am just happy because, 10 people that would have bought Greyhound bus tickets bought from the competition so maybe, maybe I won a little bitty.
Today I am having an email war with a dodgy art dealer.  I sent him a framed etching that I wrapped so thoroughly that it defies my mind how the glass could have cracked en route as he claims.
Perhaps I am totally wrong but due to the things that they have done since they got the picture two weeks ago I have this vision in mind.
They are drugged up art dealers who have a scheme of claiming, when artwork is sent from afar, that it is damaged so that they can sell it for drug money.
I think I have sent enough nasty emails to them for the day so my work is done I can go to bed.

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