Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Suprise Valentine

I never ever had a Valentine’s Day card or a gift throughout school.  When that day came round I was always  single.  Somehow from the previous year’s lack of cards and chocolates I could never remember not to break up with whoever I was dating right before Valentines.

There was the one time when “Creepy Stalker”, sent me flowers, a card, chocolates and a long letter.  I dumped the flowers and the card and the long letter.  Perhaps it was not the wisest thing to eat chocs that are sent by “Creepy Stalker” but fortunately they were not drugged.  It took about a year for “Creepy Stalker” to get the message.  I would get letters 3 pages long daily.  He would arrive at my home unannounced at all hours of the day.  My Mom or our domestic worker would meet him at the door and tell him that I was away.  After a year I was very relieved when I went to a party and saw that he had a girlfriend.  Much to my amusement he kept coming to sit right next to me and then would kiss girlfriend passionately.

I did however miss “Creepy Stalker” when the next Valentine’s came around and again I had no cards or chocolates.

After a history of men who did not do anything  for Valentine’s, I did not expect anything from Michael.  We did not have two pennies to rub together for our first Valentine's together.
Michael fixed my pc for me the night before Valentine’s Day.
When I got to work I connected my pc up and was very surprised.
Michael had made the background on my pc a cartoon character of himself, saying:
“Happy Valentine’s Day”
The screen saver said:
“I love you”

Since then we have always done little special things for each other, Michael picks flowers for me, we make cards for each other and we usually make lovely meals and decorate the dinner table.

I have a dilemma today now, as you know I am having an affair with Michael Smith.http://vivi-section.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-affair.html  I am not sure who should be my Valentine.  There is also Fatima our work colleague.  She is single so I have picked flowers for her.  Does that mean she is my Valentine?  Jess is also single so I am going to give her a Valentine’s gift as well.  Can you have more than one Valentine?

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