Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jock's visit.

A couple of weeks ago Jock came to visit us.
Who is Jock and why is he visiting us?
Please click on this link to find out JOCK

Jock has been getting to know more about our country.
In South Africa we braai (which is like having a barbeque) we go outside and cook our meat like this in the picture below.

We also like to make potjies which is a stew cooked in a cast iron pot of the fire.  This type of stew has a delicious taste of its own. 

We enjoy mostly good weather our climate is rather warm which means we like spending time outdoors.
The favourite sports in South Africa are cricket, soccer and rugby.  Here is Jock at a rugby match.
We took Jock to Emmarentia Dam, which is in Johannesburg and has a dog park.  He enjoyed walking around the park and he was a good boy and wore a leash.

My daughter Jessica goes to the National School of the arts.
What is the school of the arts?
It is like any normal school except that all the learners take one extra subject which is called their specialist subject.
The extra subjects are Art, Music, Drama and Dance.  Jessica is a Drama student.
Jock popped up in many different places at the festival see if you can spot him.
Where is Jock going next?  I am going to ask a lady from Cape Town (that is one of our country's coastal cities), if she would like it if he visits her.

PS: if any SA bloggers read this let me know if you would like to have Jock visit?


  1. Oh my goodness, Vivian, this post is SO adorable! What a cute idea. It's clear you all had great fun with your visit from Jock! :D

  2. Jock is so well behaved completely toilet trained.  It was great fun having him.