Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to Jock

Two days ago, Jock arrived in my mail box, at my home in Blairgowrie which is a suburb in Johannesburg.

Who is Jock? 

 See this link to find out more about him Wiki - Jock_of_the_Bushveld

And he has become quite well known because of this animated movie trailer animated Jock 

Why did he arrive in my mailbox?

Jenette Reitsma came up with the marvellous initiative of sending Jock to different homes around South Africa in order to show French children in Flers, Orne in Lower Normandy, France what life is like in South Africa.

He first visited South Africa's Daft Scots Lass

The past few days have been very busy so I have not had a chance to take Jock out yet, but Flers children, I promise I will take him to as many interesting places as I can in the next week before I send him on. 

My daughter, Jessica goes to the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg and has promised to take him with her to school, one day next week.

In the mean time Jock has been getting to know our family:

                                    Jock with our Chihuahua puppy Cleo:

                                           Jock with Michael:

Jock with Me (Vivian)

                                                     Jock with Jessica my daughter and her friend Kiruna

Jock has also been having fun relaxing:

                                            Jock on the garden swing:

                                      Jock on the hammock:


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