Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super Hero Blues

I was awesome like a super hero and I got told off for my efforts.

Michael has some episodes of “Quantum Leap” on his laptop and he decided that we should go and watch some of them in the bedroom as it would be more comfortable.

He grabbed his laptop and some other things and asks me to take the little coffee table.

I am on my way to our bedroom passing through the kitchen when.....

I notice that one of kittens knocked the pastry off the shelf and Col (our Chihuahua puppy) is about to eat it.

Like a super hero I dropped the coffee table I swooped down and saved the pastry. (Don’t worry the pastry was covered in plastic).


I go into the bedroom and I tell Michael how awesome I am.  I am sure you are all thinking that he would say:

“Vivian you are so awesome you saved supper”

What he really says is:

“Where is the coffee table?  I asked you to do one thing.”

No appreciation for super heros.

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