Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mila scares Jess

My niece, Mila (5 years old) came for a visit.

Last night we were in my linen/sewing room (well I suppose because the sewing machine stands there covered in neglectful dust it is a bit stretch to call it the sewing room).

I remembered the dress up clothes.  Oddly enough I was about to toss them about two years ago when my daughters stopped me and reminded me that Mila would still enjoy them and we use them for Halloween.

I pulled the box out and said:
“Look Mila the dress up clothes.”

To which Mila replied:
“Oooooh the Halloween clothes, can I dress up and scare Jessie?”

So we had a lot of fun with Mila putting on outfits and the goal was for Jessie to get such a fright that she would fall of the bed.

This one almost had Jessie fall off the bed but for the wrong reason she could not pretend to be scared she was laughing so much.