Monday, March 5, 2012

I surrender

Does it hit you on a Sunday late afternoon?

That feeling that if robbers had to come into your house, you would say:

"I surrender please just leave the bed"

The only good thing about feeling like that is that Michael gets too lazy to change TV channels constantly.

Our whole family had that feeling yesterday when we arrived home, but our kitten Ginger Ninja sure had the pose:

We had one of those weekends.

You know those where you are on the run non-stop with too much to get done.

Instead of relaxing at home on Sunday we decided to take the puppies to the park for the first time and to have a picnic. Michael and I started early making all kinds of delicious foods. Michael even baked a bread.

Penny and Craig (Sister and Brother in Friend) met us with their dogs.  We also planned an exchange, best to do these things in public areas:

  • Jock  (who is jock?) for Mila my niece. Not a fair exchange no matter how awesome Jock is Mila is much awesomer.

Now it is going to take me the entire week to recover from my weekend.

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