Sunday, March 11, 2012

White Picket Fence

Mark Twain if you were still alive I would have sued your pants off for giving false hope.

Really I thought that that white picket fence bullshit does not work.

I have been trying it for years.

One of my daughters:
“What are you doing Mom?”

“Oh it is so cool, I am scrubbing this floor and look what happens it goes from brown to white.”

One of my daughters:
According to Mark she is now supposed to say:
“Can I try?”
But what she says is:
“When you are done with that, would you make crumpets?”

I put in a last ditch effort:
“Look how much fun this is don’t you want to try and then I will get started on the crumpets.”

She then says:
“I’ll pass”

Mark you can rest easy wherever it is that you are buried, I am not planning to dig you up and pick a fight with you anymore. 

Yesterday morning this happened:

I went to Michael and said:

“I totally won’t mind if you make breakfast, I won’t be in the least offended, just letting you know.”
It worked he made a lovely omelette but then I think the fact that he was hungry was a contributing factor.  


  1. That was a brilliant way to get him to do something,, especially when he was humgry. But your comment about your daughter cracked me up. Like what kind of '50's world would we be living in  (never mind Twain's era) for that to happen. 'Oh yes Mummy - let me help with all the hard messy work.' I can remember helping my my Mom bake , but that's SO not like mopping the floor and it was a challenge for her to get us to help & do the washing up.
    So al I can say is well done on this morning's small victory. For both of you actually.

  2. PS. I love your site design, and the name.

  3. Thank you AK,  I have never before been complemented on the name of my site.  I thought it was pretty darnn clever myself.  I do long for Stepford children but instead I have these non-robotic free thinking types that challenge me every step of the way.