Sunday, March 11, 2012

How I managed to screw up this week

I have decided to wrap up my week with the ditsy things that I do every week.  When it comes to ditsy I am the master.

1.  The electrician came in the week to repair the oven.

  “Michael the electrician fucked up!”


 “The temp dials are not turned on the oven is only on at the wall but the oven is hot.”

 “Grr as usual you did not hear a word that I said, I told you I was testing the oven 5 minutes ago that is why    it is still hot.

2.  I made myself sweet potato chips on Saturday, I grated part of my finger off.  I may or may not have eaten part of myself so I may or may not be a cannibal.

3.  I have been looking for my camera all weekend, and so has everybody else, I found it this morning in the spoon’s drawer.  The worst is I hid it there Friday afternoon thinking if robbers were to break in they would never think to look in the spoon’s drawer.   Turns out it is an excellent place to hide my camera as not even I the “hider awayer” could find it.

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