Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bad Puppies

The puppies are going in the naughty corner!
Cleo and Col playing 

When I got home I, I put my cell on the coffee table to make sure it was close to me, Michael doesn’t have keys so I had to let him in. I was happy that I would be able to hear his call.

Jess came home. She threatened Cleo with vile torture because Cleo ran off with her shoe.  (Cleo loves shoes and she hides them in the garden).  On Saturday when our gardener came I asked him to see if he could find Jess’ pump.  It was very comical because he kept coming to me with different shoes saying,
“Is this the shoe?”
Cleo dancing

Michael was staying at the office late to finish work. 
 I cooked dinner, (for those that read my blog, yes she complained.) 
“This is why I don’t teach anybody anything.”
“Because once they have learned to do it they could be better at it than what I am.”
Yes, she was referring to the fact that I taught Michael to cook.
Any way supper was Jamie Oliver style spaghetti (thank god he did arrive at my home and test it, he would of slapped me) and Jess said it was passable.  Michael gets the “ooh this is awesome” and “will you make that tomorrow night again” all the time. 

After supper I found my lounge covered with purple bits don’t know what it was but it isn’t anymore.  The puppies had a great time making a huge mess. 
I was back to work writing when my cell phone rang somewhere in the distance.  I got up and started looking for it.  Before I could find it, it stopped ringing.  Jess was in the shower so I could not ask her to call it.  Our landline is broken. I was sure it was Michael calling but I could not call him back.  I went to see if he was at the gate but he was not.

When Jess came out of the shower she said that Michael had called her.  We tried calling him back but no answer.  She rung my cell and we searched and searched.  We eventually found it outside under the lapa, with a bit missing.  Cleo strikes again!
I hope I find that missing bit

Michael was stuck in the office parking because the remote for the gate was on my car keys.  He was trying to call me to come and bail him out of work! 
Michael came home and the puppies were hyper as crazy, running around the house barking and playing.  All I can compare it to, is children that have had too much sugar. (Don’t worry I would never in a million years give my puppies anything sweet.)
That is when I decided that the horrible puppies were going to the naughty corner.  They knew and calmed down immediately.  Cleo went to sit on Michael's lap acting as if nothing had happened.
Cleo sucking up to Michael

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