Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blue light gone

This pic was taken the day that I got  Baby  Blue look at me I look so happy I did not know  what tragedy lay ahead.

 “Sob” I am writing my blog on an old desktop computer, “sob”.  It feels like I am having an affair with a hobo. Writing on anything else other than Baby blue is all wrong.  I know it is cheesy but Baby blue is an inspiron and he really does inspire me.   Baby blue my laptop is incapacitated.  Last night Baby blue’s power cable blew.   Michael has managed to fix  it but I cannot use the power cable until he has bought the proper tape etc.  I have to find a new power cable but the price is astronomical!  I have put in a very low bid for one online.  Hold thumbs!
Yesterday when I innocently did not know what disaster lay ahead of me.  Michael had to go drop off papers at the Receiver of Revenue and he dropped me off at home.
I have a lot of writing jobs (all fictional stories) OH Yeah people I am writing fiction and loving it.  I was having one of those days were I could not come up with decent ideas etc.  I decided I was sitting on the wrong couch and that I should sit on my chair in the lounge.  I moved but then a terrible smell started bothering me, I think one of the cats peed somewhere.
I got up and took the curtain down.  I then went to put it in the washing machine.  Because there don’t seem to be any kind pixies in my neighbourhood there was a load of laundry in the machine that needed hanging up. 
I took the laundry out and was hanging it up.   Michael arrived home.
Then, I sat down and tried to write again but the smell was still there.  I put bicarb into the wash water and washed the lounge floor again.  I scrubbed the sides of my couch and the chair next to it.  The smell still was there.
Michael and I took the puppies for a walk to the park.  We nearly came home with a 5 year old she was in the park with her Nanny and she kept following us and chatting to us.  We have a 5 year old stalker.
When we got back home I sat on the chair and you will never guess….. The smell was still there.
This is when Michael and I had the talk.
“I think you are avoiding your writing.”
“No I am not, I am trying to get rid off the smell”
“Why do you have to sit on that chair for the past four days you sat on the couch and wrote without problems.”
“My chair is more comfortable and more inspirational”
“You wrote fine sitting over there (pointing at the couch) and besides yesterday you had to clean everything in the house.  You never clean any thing.  Admit you are making excuses.  If you fail at what you are writing you can say.  I had to clean the house it was filthy, the chair smelled, etc.  You know housework has never been a priority in your life before.  Now go sit on that couch and write and stop making excuses.”
Grrr he is so full of nonsense but I sat at the other couch and wrote.  When I went to bed and plugged in my power cable there was no blue light and my heartache began………

PS so much for my auction bid, I won it and the shipping costs are more than it costs to buy one from  Dell so I had to withdraw from the auction.   OH Well.


  1. Some days you just can't win. Nice post but I would try to eliminate the white box around the text so it blends more with the background like it is in the sidebar.
    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Thanks John I really enjoy your movie reviews.  The white box around the text was a product of the old computer for some reason I could not get it to go away.

  3. I totally get this!  I write on my mac.  It would be very hard and uninspiring to write on anything else.

  4. It scary how attached I am a few hours without my laptop were torturous.

  5. The next time you get into one of those cleaning frenzies, come right on over to my house.  There is ALWAYS something that smells bad in here.  Sometimes it's me!  Feel free to come over and fix it.  My curtains haven't been washed since we moved in over four years ago.  And I don't think anyone has ever scrubbed the sides of the sofa.  So it's all virgin territory for you!!!  Hurry......

    Kay in Hawaii

  6. Ha ha Kay I am terrible myself.  I however am about to have a house full of guests we have a long weekend this weekend and we are having my daughter's 21st.   I am going to take a photo of my plastics cupboard.  I am so proud of it you can actually find containers WITH LIDS.  I have never had a tidy plastics cupboard before.