Sunday, April 8, 2012

Its a wrap or an unwrap.

Christian friends, happy Easter.  I don’t know if it is Passover weekend as well if it is Jewish friends happy Passover.  Friends like me happy unwrapping chocolate Easter eggs.

Sadly no littlies here so no fun with easter egg hunts. 

If you are having one of those here are a few tips:
  • No matter if you have never fed your dog chocolate, Frodo will go after the Easter eggs make sure that Frodo does not have access to the area where they are being hidden.
  • Count the amount of eggs being hidden before, when the children are done count them again.  We have found some in the garden seven months later, hide them but not too well.
  • If you want to prevent tears and arguments.  Let all the kids have fun hunting.  Explain to them before the time that they are all going to bring their finds put them back together in one basket and then have them shared out equally.

Good luck with the sugar rushes.

Michael has been sick this week with tonsillitis he had a perfect Michael conundrum. 
His words “To be able to eat I have to take my medicine to take my medicine I have to eat.”

I have been Cinderella in reverse.  Saturday night I was dressed up for the ball and treated like royalty on Sunday.  Since then I have been doing all the cooking and cleaning on my own while Michael lay in bed. 

I went to see the venue for Carmen’s 21st lovely, ridiculously cheap and they do all the cleaning up afterwards.  Three weeks and I will have all my daughters with me, except for one.  (Sayaka is studying in Hong Kong so she won’t be able to make it.)

By pure fluke (happened in the packaging) I got a pregnant easter egg the bunny is having a chicken. 

PS I am ghost writing a long short story this week, you won't be hearing much from me.

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