Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thank you

I love that my birthday is on the 1st of April.  Everybody thinks I am a bit whacky and when they find out when my birthday is this is the usual response:
“No, can’t be it is too fitting, you are teasing right?”

Many years ago on my birthday I sat down to breakfast with my Dad and my sister.
My Dad:
“You will never believe what I saw on the news this morning, there are actual spaghetti trees in China”
“Dad it is my birthday”
After that we all just laughed and laughed.

I even get caught out.
On my way to work I listened to the radio news and was horrified to hear that all ATMs were going to be removed throughout the entire city as they felt that it was the only way to deal with ATM bombings.
I called Michael to tell him about the terrible news and he reminded me that it was my birthday.

There is a catch to my birthday being on such an easy date.  Everybody remembers it and that is embarrassing because I cannot remember everybody’s birthdays.  Facebook has made it very easy not to miss friends’ birthdays but I have friends that are not on Facebook and they call me and then I keep thinking: "How am I going to find out when their birthdays are?"

Today I had a refreshing change from being remembered.  A dear friend called me and I was expecting a Happy Birthday, instead she told me that she had finally met the man who had been corresponding with her for months and that she is head over hills.  I am so happy for her and I am going to make sure that she does not find out it was my birthday.  She is the most considerate person and if she finds out she forgot she will be crushed.

Last night was totally fun.  Jess insisted on dressing me.
I have picked up even more weight this last while, so none of my clothes fit.
She piled clothes on my bed that she thought would look good.  Every top that she chose no longer fits me.
I thought it was sort of hopeless but she perservered.
She grabbed a top and said:
“This is a very pretty top, Mom”
“That is my pajama top”
“But it is nice, put it on”
I put on the pajama top and then she put a short sleeve jacket of mine on over.  I did not like that because the jacket was shorter than the pajama.  Then she told me to wait and fetched a sleeveless jersey from her room.  Jess is seriously skinny so it was odd that she had anything that would fit me.
We found trousers and then I was going to put my tackies (sneakers) on but she objected to this as well and I had to put my work sandals on.

Finally she did my makeup.
On the rare occasion that I do put make up on I pride myself that it takes me about two seconds to slap it on.  I got very itchity sitting and sitting while she fussed and faffed.  Then she produced her birthday present to me, a fancy new mascara (mine was finished).  It has two sides and the one side is normal mascara and the other side is sticky stuff that keeps that mascara on and it does not run. I will only use the number two side on special occasions.  It is great and keeps you tidy looking but you wake up and your lashes are stuck together.

 The makeup part was not easy as Michael and Dane (he came to baby sit Jess) were watching Jess apply it all and they kept making jokes.  Jess shouted at me every time I laughed at them.   Dane was fiddling with my fan and it broke.  Michael was showing how the broken blade made a really good hand fan.
Michael produced his present to me, earrings and a necklace.

 I felt like Cinderella getting ready for a ball with a family of Fairy Godmothers (and fathers).  Off I went with my pajama top on.

Fortunately there were no dire warnings about midnight because I don’t know what time we got home but it was either really late or really early depending on how you look at it.

This morning Raewyn called me at 8 to wish me Happy Birthday and she knew that I went out, I don’t even know what I said to her.   I hope her Birthday is on a weekend this year I am going to call her at 7am.

Dane dropped off a new fancy, smancy fan for me.  He was in a hurry so he told Jess to tell me “Happy Birthday and the metal fan is Dane proof”.

Carmen called and pretended to be wanting to discuss her 21st party but she could not keep up the ruse for long. 

I have had breakfast in bed and for supper Michael made a feast.  On the rankings out of 10 this birthday has definitely been an 11. I am feeling super loved after all the messages and phone calls. 

PS: To my other add on children, you know I love you and thanks for the beautiful calls and messages.  

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