Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Michael’s 5th Dimension

"Oh look honey a box" "No dear it is the fifth dimension"

So this flu has not left yet.  It’s alright the prognosis is I might survive.

Michael was staring at his laptop and I made the mistake of asking him what he was thinking about so intently. 

Note to self:
“Never, never do that again, you know your crazy husband. “

So Michael tells me he has discovered the fifth dimension.
The dimensions currently are
1.       Height
2.       Breadth
3.       Width
4.       Time

Number four is Einstein’s one.

He reckons that the fifth dimension is “information”
Because the other dimensions mean nothing if you don’t know what it is.
You can have the measurements and time but if you don’t know it is a box your dimensions are not complete.
Only thing is he talked and talked and talked some more.

He followed me into the kitchen where Jess was making cocoa.  I tried, I said:
“Jess, you and Michael don’t talk enough.”

Jess grabbed her cocoa, laughed and said:
 “Goodnight Mom and Michael I am out of here.”

I agreed to listen to another 10 minutes of Michael’s 5th dimension talk in exchange for a med lemon.
(The things we sick people have to do for some care.)

I just realised what I need to do.  I need to find Jess a boyfriend.  While Carmen and Raewyn were home with their boyfriends my life was a lot easier.

Problem is I need somebody that Jess likes that is compatible with Michael this may be a problem.
I have made a diagram:

Michael likes
Jess likes
In a crazy way
A little sometimes
Rock Music
A lot
A lot
Sports especially rugby
A lot
Not at all
A lot
A lot
Making and eating
Sci fi shows
A lot
Not into them (except for Terranova bring it back please)
Comedy sitcoms
A lot
A lot
Likes me sometimes when he wants somebody to tell crazy science stories to
Likes me sometimes when she wants somebody to make her sandwiches or cocoa.
Likes them quite a bit especially Ginger Ninja
She is a crazy cat person.
Crazy about them.
She pretends not to like them

So I think we can deduce that Jess boyfriend must like physics, rock music, chocolate, eating baked treats,  watching a bit of sci-fi and  a lot of comedy.  He must love cats and sort of like Chihuahuas.  He must like me sometimes.  Oh and for Jess’s sake he must look like Johnny Depp.  If we can find this boy my life will be bliss.  He must hang around our house all the time and love chatting to Michael.


  1. My brother is obsessed with physics too. He would argue that the other laws are constants. They are there if you acknowledge them or not. Understanding is not the fifth dimension if that is true. That being said there are some Quantum theorists out there who ascribe to the belief that the observer can have an effect on an atomic level (double slit experiment) *shrug * who knows. LOL.

  2. Carrie I wish you did not live an ocean away I want to kidnap your brother.  I must be the strangest aspiring kidnapper because all I am going to do with him is make him sit in our lounge and talk to my husband about physics

  3. What would the fifth demention look like, hmmm... food for thought! LOL! My brain is frozen! I'll sleep on it!

  4. I think the fifth dimension should be chocolate.  Hubby wont have much to talk about when I am done.

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