Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We’ve been successful once.(ant-crime)

Dear few regular readers of my blog I am off my normal humorous blog as I have something to say about crime in my country (South Africa).

Crime is a big problem in our country especially because it is so violent.  We have become accustomed to hearing that people have been killed in hijackings, house robberies, cash in transit vehicle heists and business robberies. 

It is horrifically scary a group of about 8 monsters descend on a supermarket armed with AK47s and they bundle staff and shoppers into a corner.  They rob all cellphones, jewellery and cash tills.  If police are alerted in time they arrive and then shoot outs happen.  Invariably people are killed. 

Law enforcement in our country is a very sensitive subject.  Why are so many criminals getting away with terrible crimes?  South Africans claim negatively that we have and never will be successful with dealing with crime.  My pet cringe is when my fellow South African’s refer to the “good old days of Apartheid”. 

One law has very successfully been enforced in South Africa.  WHAT?  Yes you read correctly we have done it once so we can do it again.  In the nineties the no-smoking in public places law was successfully implemented in a very short space of time and NOBODY disobeys this law.

Not even the monster that is about to hold an AK 47 to your head in the mall will light up while he is in the mall. 
My point is if law enforcement faced burglary and rape with the same gusto that they faced anti-smoking laws, we would have a lovely crime free society.

Perhaps people will think that my opinion is simplistic but I firmly believe in one law can be successfully enforced then all laws can be.


  1. My heart breaks every time I hear about violence in South Africa or anywhere really.  I pray that things get better for you and your fellow South Africans.  As long as people keep hope, a solution can still be found.  Bless you.