Monday, May 14, 2012

Those little moments that warm your heart.

Michael played a very rough rugby game on Saturday, he was battered and bruised.  He could not move his left arm because he pulled muscles in the shoulder.  He was in a lot of pain.  Saturday night when we went to bed he said that I must wake him up to make breakfast for me in bed.  He wanted to do this because it was Mother’s day.  I told him that he could sleep as late as he wanted it really was not that important because I knew he was in a lot of pain.  We never dreamed in a million years that Jess would wake up.

Sunday morning I woke up and went to take Cleo outside to do her business.

Jess stopped me in the passage way:
“What are you doing up?  Get back to bed.  I want to bring you breakfast in bed.”

Well you could have slapped me with a wet fish.

I went back to bed.  Michael came to me and he said:
“I can’t believe it Jess is up and making you breakfast and I did not even wake her up!”

“I know I was wondering if I was dreaming.”

Half an hour later I received breakfast in bed and Landi (Jess’ best friend bought me a chocolate as well.)

I am sure I speak for all Moms when I say it is those little things when  children do the unexpected kind things that our hearts are warmed the most.  The day before Carmen’s 21st party when I was so rushed,  Jess (my super lazy child) hung all the washing for me and I never asked her for help.

Carmen phoned and said that she was missing me especially because she works at a restaurant and saw all the people bringing their Moms to have lunch.

Raewyn sent me this message of Facebook:
“I can go anywhere by myself, I can have fun anywhere and with anyone no matter how they dress, I was brought up to be independent maybe not purposefully but it came with the territory. Thank you mom for keeping our hearts good when the circumstances were not and teaching us how to make a feast out of nothing. love you mom

I love my girls so much and although two are far away they are always close to my heart. 
Carmen, Raewyn and Jess thanks for being my awesome daughters.

I am editing this post and adding on a little.  My Mom doesn't read my blogs her internet navigation skills are not great but I am so lucky to have the best Mom in the world.

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