Thursday, May 10, 2012

Junkie Parents

 I smoked some marijuana when I was a teen but I came to the conclusion that it does not agree with me.  All I want to do is sleep after a few drags.   Michael says he gets all paranoid and thinks he is going to be arrested.

Michael and I went to a birthday party and there were Dagga cookies.  I don’t know why I thought this but I had the notion that the effects wear off from cooking.  The cookies were really tasty so I had a few.  Michael and I had to leave ten minutes later I literally could not stand up straight and I slept for two days solid.

Michael’s brother went to Holland on a business trip about two years ago.  For fun he bought Michael a marijuana chocolate bar, marijuana lolli- pop and an ashtray with marijuana leaves which he gave to Michael for his birthday.

We were having either Raewyn’s farewell or Carmen’s , a few weeks later when he remembered that he had the chocolate.  A couple of people had pieces of the chocolate and decided that the rough bits of marijuana in the chocolate were not that appetising. 

 A few days later Jessica was in my bedroom bored so she was going through stuff.  On top of the tv cabinet she found the half eaten marijuana chocolate. 

Jess: “OMG what is this, a dagga chocolate?”

Me: “Yes Martin bought it for Michael’s birthday as a joke.”

Jess: “And somebody ate some of it.”

Me: “Yes we all  had some at the party last weekend.”

Jess: “Now my parents are junkies.”

Me: “Yip I suppose”

(At this point I thought she was kidding because we always tease each other but then I noticed she was a bit hysterical)

Me: “Jess, the truth is I only had half a block the chocolate is quite horrible.”

Jess: “So you would have eaten more if it tasted nice?”

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