Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What happens in Jail stays in Jail.

Commenting on somebody’s blog I remembered that I am an ex con.  I have been in jail.  Of course the family had a lot of fun with it.  I received dozens of messages asking me where my tattoo was etc, etc.
I said on the blog post that jail is no fun but that is actually not true.  I know it is very daft but I actually had fun, the fact that Jessica suffered for my stupidity was horrible but the rest was interesting.  An experience I would not like to repeat but memorable.

Two years ago I was taking Jess to school she was writing an exam.  We were running seriously late.  I decided to be naughty and go up the road in the oncoming traffic’s lane to get to the right turning lane.  (It is very wide and the cars scoot over for you.)  People were doing this but to cut in front of cars to get into the mall at the top of the road.  Somebody complained about these mall goers disobeying the traffic rules and the police department decided to arrest everybody that did it.  I was totally guilty but the worst part is that I don’t know what incited me to be stupid that morning.  I am usually the most traffic law abiding person.  I had never scooted into that lane before; I always waited until I was at the top of the road. 

Jessica who is usually very polite, snapped at the cops.  She obviously was very nervous and worried about me.  They then refused to take her to school.  Michael drove through and took her but she missed her exam.  Fortunately the cop that arrested me was being kind but the two that had to take me to the charge office were being nasty.  

I can’t remember how many other ladies there were that were arrested that day but it was great to have the support.  We spent the entire day in the cell.  At first we all looked at the grimy walls and floors and huddled standing in the centre of the cell.   A few hours later we no longer cared we were sitting on the dirty floors leaning against the dirty walls.  It was one girl in the cell’s birthday.   Michael bought me a 2 litre coke and party cups to drink out of and some crisps and sweets.  Sitting in the cell we all were amused by the party cups.  We shared the snacks that had been brought by our nearest and dearest.  Quite a few of the girls said that afterwards they would be chucking the clothes that they had on away. 

Jail was my breakfast club moment I spent the day with a lovely bunch of ladies who I would never have met otherwise.  We told each other stories that we would never have shared ordinarily and as one lady said, “What happens in jail stays in jail.”


  1. My goodness...I do believe, Vivian, that this is definitely the most interesting and unusual blog post I've read in days! Boo on the cops--but how wonderful that you turned this into a positive and even fun experience! :D

  2. Thanks Susan, when the cell door is locked you actually feel really scared but it is one of those moments that I can look back on and laugh about.

  3. I agree with Susan! This is definitely an interesting post! So glad that things worked out in the end--and what a story you have to tell!

  4. Thanks Dana and if you have a family like mine it something that you are teased about for eternity.

  5. Being locked in a cell for a couple of hours is nothing like jail. It's hard, it's horrible and I hated every single moment. In a jail if a relative brings you food or personal items it can take days for it to get to you. You also aren't allowed visitors for the first 6 weeks.
    I appreciate you putting a positive spin on this but jail isn't good.