Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hobo Scavenging Penguins

Oh Bleh Josie winters are horrible.

This is embarrassing so perhaps the hobo penguin  should not write it in her blog, but then she is the Queen of embarrassment so here goes.

A few days ago the penguins' car ran out of petrol so they decided to walk to work.  They don't live terribly far from work (40min walk).  It was cold an grey, a miserable day and Mrs Hobo Penguin was feeling really, really sorry for herself, when:

Mr Hobo Penguin
"Hey whats that?  Look its a gas heater.  It looks new and somebody is throwing it out."

This was a about 200 meters from work.

Mr Hobo Penguin picked it upped and carried it to the office.  It had a bit of paint spilled on it so he wondered if it was broken or if the drops of paint were the reason for the heater being thrown out.

Yes the Hobo Penguins have become scavengers.

The car running out of petrol was worth it.  Mr Hobo Penguin managed to get the paint marks off the heater.  There was something wrong with the "whats it thingy something" but he fixed it in seconds.  Psst we did not have to carry it all the way home. Mrs Hobo Penguin got petrol money at the office.  Ok, she may admit it she might of left her purse at the office.  She later took a bus home fetched petrol for the car and went back to the office to rescue Mr Hobo Penguin and new heater.  Usually Mr Hobo Penguin would have done this but seeing that he had a horrible flu (not bird flu)  and Mrs Hobo Penguin forgot the purse she  kind of had to.

When the Hobo Penguins got home they connected the heater to the gas bottle and it is awesome so warm.  They discovered that the fireplace in this house is terrible so having this gas heater is going to pull them through winter in Jozie.  A gas heater has lifted Mrs Hobo Penguins winter depression.

This does not mean that she does not want you sun, please come back she misses  you.


  1. I totally would have took the heater too! Score!!

  2. Oh I am so glad that we aren't the only ones