Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good sexy Angel Won

My Mom has come to visit during Jess’ school holidays to teach Jess Afrikaans see this blog.  
I started getting sick on Monday.  My dear husband infected me, he had the flu last week.  I also had extreme naseau on the first day.  After spending more time in the ladies spewing than the most avid bulimic I decided I needed something.

I  am terrible with names so asked my Mom and Michael:
"Has anybody got Voltaraine for me  because I said I can not bear throwing up anymore?"

My Mom and Michael:
"How is that going to help? Voltaraine relaxes muscles and is taken for muscle pain."

 "Oh I mean Valoid."

Valoid and Voltaraine very similiar right they both start with a "V".

My Mom who is a walking pharmacy disappeared to her bedroom and came back with two tablets.  She offered them to me and said:
“One of them is for nausea dear I don’t remember which one so you better take both.”

Sirens went off in my head.  I had a flashback to  my brother telling me something years ago.

My brother:
“Never, ever, ever, take any tablets from Mom if you don’t know what they are.  She once gave me something for pain.  Turns out it was something else I was passed out for 3 days.”

Good sexy Angel on my right shoulder is saying:
 “Don’t take them it could be dangerous.  You could grow a third ear.”

Bad sexy Devil on my left shoulder is saying:
 “Take them, take them, if you pass out for 3 days you will totally miss this horrible flu.”

Good sexy Angel won.  You see I have never had a liking for bad boys.  I declined the tablets and made myself tea with lots of ginger in.  The ginger worked and I did not grow any body parts although I would have gladly slept for 3 days.  

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