Monday, July 23, 2012

Joining the Adams family

A friend of mine shared this pic on Facebook:

On Saturday Jess dyed my hair but instead of being a glossy brown (which is what the box promised) it came out black.

I told my friend that I look like Professor Snape now.  She of course asked for a pic.  I told her I would put on a black cape and part my hair in the middle.  So here is my Professor Snape pic.

My face is a bit fat but I think I would fit right in with the Adams Family now.  Pity Halloween is so far away.

Since being sick I have been all itchity and have had the dread WB.

I got my semi final prize for the soup competition, I was thrilled because there was an apron in the prize and Michael had been begging me for months to sew him one.  I am not overly fond of sewing or any other domestic stuff for that matter.

Cleo and Col got new jerseys.  Col keeps getting his one front leg through his Tarzan jersey making it look even more Tarzany.

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