Thursday, July 26, 2012

Master chef at home

A few days ago Jess told me that she now wants to be a vegetarian.  I suspected this might happen eventually she has never been overly fond of meat.

I admit I looked in our deep freeze which is stocked full of meat for the month in portions for 3 people and sighed a little.  Oh well!

Michael had been out of town for a few days.  When I told him we now had a vegetarian in the home he also sighed a little.  Neither of us mind her decision it is more that our groceries were not geared towards a veggie.

We remembered that we had bought some soya and decided on some experimentation.

Many many years ago when I could not afford meat I would buy soya, I made up my own soya fritter recipe which is delicious.  I decided I would cook the recipe seeing that I had not cooked soya in 12 years it was to an extent experimentation.

Michael decided to make a lasagne with his soya.

He offered me the apron.

I said:

"No thank you"

What I was thinking:

"Are you crazy?  If I wear the apron I am showing interest in being part time chef in this house.  If you continue to wear the apron you remain full time chef and I keep my part as which is "occasional guest appearance chef".  If you have not read my blog before reading this may shed light on the politics around cooking in our home."

We told Jess that we were having a soya cook off and that she would be the judge.

She looked at me in horror and said:

"You want me to choose sides?"


"Not sides, just say which dish you prefer."

I was going to bribe her with something but Michael was standing right behind me I think he suspected something because he did seem to be stalking following me quite a bit.


"Your dish is not really experimentation you have made it before, so if yours is better the odds are not totally fair."


"Yes I made it before but a hundred years ago, so I think the odds are fair."

Each time I was in front of something where  Michael wanted to access.


"You are sabotaging me, you are deliberately standing in front of that cupboard/draw/counter."

Later when Michael realised that my fritters were nearly ready and his meal was going to take much longer.


"Not fair we are going to eat yours hungrier and by the time we eat mine we will be fuller and the food wont taste as good."


"We can eat mine later as well."

It was decided that we would eat mine earlier and Michael's later.

The problem with our competition is Jess stubbornly refused to judge she said both our dishes were very yummy.

I must admit  Michael's lasagne was very good but I think I won after all I won a recipe contest recently so I have qualifications.

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