Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dinner Dance

Between 4pm and 7pm Michael and play an intrinsic game with very subtle rules.
Let me explain:
I get home from work before Michael usually around 2h15 pm.
I am not a domestic goddess but I may on certain days be horrified at my own ability to turn a blind eye to mess.
When this happens I push that wooden stick around, chuck those items that I wear into the twirly thing and finally hang those items with those wooden little clippy things onto a line.
I have refined my conscious not to nag me too much so these domestic urges don’t hit unnecessarily often.

From when I get home I am thinking:
“I wonder if Michael is going to make dinner”
Michael at the same time is sitting at work thinking:
“I wonder if Vivian is going to burn something for us”

The next thing that happens is THE PHONE CALL.
This may sound like a very innocent phone call but it is not.
Michael calls me and this is the conversation:
“Any ideas what to have for dinner?”  Now I know many of you out there would simply answer this question with:
“Yes, how about pasta?” 


In our home if you have an idea it means you are cooking it, so the right answer is:
“No, ideas have not given it the least thought.”

It may even be good at this time to expand.

“No, ideas I have such a bad headache that I have not give it the least bit of thought.”

What I am saying is that I really, really do not want to cook dinner.

Good days are when Michael calls and says:
“Do you feel like Nacho’s, lasagne, chicken soup,etc?”
This means he is cooking.

A bad question is:
“What do you want me to buy at the supermarket?”

This is as dangerous a question as the idea one.

If I say I need anything, I am acknowledging that I will be cooking, so even if we have no toilet paper, I deny the need for groceries.

On very rare occasions we end up with no dinner as Michael and I both act extremely busy hoping that the other one will relent and go and cook.

This does however happen rarely as Michael is bound to eventually give up and cook dinner, I am made of much stubboner stuff. 


  1. Oh I wish it worked that way here. The conversation in our house is this
    HIM: What's for dinner? The kids are hungry.
    (not really he's hungry and using the kids)
    ME: I dunno what sounds good?
    HIM: Food
    ME: What kind of food?
    HIM: Hot Food
    ME: What kinda of Hot food?
    HIM: Good hot food.
    ME: Pizza?
    HIM: no.

    Then I drag myself to the kitchen and cook whatever recipe falls out of my box when I pick it up.

  2. Ha ha yeah, I often find it is not the cooking but what to cook that is the biggest problem.

  3. LOL! I would love to have that dinner dance as well. But usually I get off the cooking during weekends.

  4. Yeah at least we South African woman have the braai (barbeque) to depend on, on weekends.