Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Hairy Spider

I had a very eventful evening last night.

Michael did not sleep the night before so he went to have a nap and I was tagged chef for the night.

While cutting sweet potatoes I cut a piece of my thumb out and there was blood everywhere and then I had to struggle with tissues because we never have any plasters.

I forgot oil on the stove and it got too hot and I was trying to move it and there were flames everywhere and at this point all I could do was shout:


Danielle and Jess came running into the kitchen but by this time I regained my composure and took the hot oil away from the stove and knocked the flames out with a cloth.

They were laughing at me saying that only I could manage to get into such disasters. This part of the reason that Michael cooks.

I wrote a blog yesterday about Michael's having a boyfriend now. Raewyn read it and made this her status on Facebook:

Also my step dad has a boyfriend :( this sucks now my mom will have to move out of their house so that Mikes bf can move in and then theyl change the dogs names to 'Tinkerbell' or 'Tunafeet'. Srsly guys!

Michael read this and glared at me and said:

"Now you are making me gay on Facebook"

I think that is unfair because:

a) I mentioned it in my blog not Facebook - that was Raewyn
b) If anybody is making him gay it is his boyfriend not me, PFFT

I think we might have been tredding on thin ice as Raewyn and I continued to discuss Michael being gay on Facebook.

She said that he would probably want to redecorate the house now:

I said that the scrum was going to be his favourite position in rugby now:

At this point Jess called me in the tone that one uses when being murderized.

I ran to see what was wrong and Jess pointed to a big hairy spider above the door. For a moment I thought it was Danielle's trick rubber one that she has been teasing everybody with this week but this one was definitely alive.

When I realised it was real, I called Michael. Fortunately even though I was not his favourite person he came quickly.

"Pfffft just a spider I thought you were in danger."

I thought I was in real danger you should have seen how it was glaring at me.

I told Raewyn about the spider and she asked where it was now.

I said that it was somewhere in the garden now. (Michael does not believe in killing things)

Raewyn: At least it will be the size of my face by the time I visit.

Me: It is already the size of your face by the time you visit it will be bigger than the Chihuahuas.

Raewyn: Yeah then I can walk it on a leash.

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