Friday, August 24, 2012

IT'S BIG and Michael's boyfriend

A week ago we scored the most awesome thing which has made my husband a very happy man.


It is new technology so the bulb lasts for 30 000 hours and it is awesome.

We have gone from tiny little TV to close to movie theatre size!

It is also all that Michael can speak about.

The best part is unlike big screen TVs for some reason watching the big projector screen does not hurt the eyes.

Michael took pic from the other side of the wall to show what it would like if we had a window in our lounge:

Its hard to show the size but perhaps this will help the yellow arrow on the below pic points to me.

A couple of years ago Michael was speaking to Craig our Brother in Friend,


"and then you turn the nipple."

Then he stopped blushed bright red and said:

"I said nipple!"

Everybody that knows Michael knows that he is the most non sleezy person on the planet.

On the day we got the projector Danielle was playing with the balls projected onto the wall.

Michael called out:

"Stop playing with my balls!"

Then he went bright red and said:

"Oh shit that did not sound right."

We were all rolling around laughing after that.

The screen is so big and the image is so clear that it does not matter what image was projecting on the wall we could not stop staring at the wall for the first few days.  A big change from watching TV on a television set with a screen only slightly bigger than a laptop monitor.

Michael not only has a projector now but a boyfriend as well.  A young accountant, who works for a company that our work does work for.

This guy phones late at night and early in the morning, weekends and weekdays.

After about 20 calls I started referring to him as Michael's boyfriend.  Michael never receives any calls except from the odd debt collector.

A few days ago his phone rang in the afternoon, Michael was dropping me off at home so I thought it might the office.


"Who called?"


"It was just my boyfriend"

Since then it is official both Michael and I refer to this guy as Michael's boyfriend.

Now I am imagine the eyes popping when I start a conversation, "My husband's boyfriend......."

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