Sunday, August 5, 2012

Use those freaking leashes Joburgers

Girls in the park with Cleo on a LEASH!
I took our puppies for a walk in a Park near to our home in Randburg today.  Johannesburg by laws dictate that all puppies in public parks should be kept on leashes at all times.  However in typical Johannesburg fashion because every other freaking person is doing it, it is OK to do it people simply ignore this rule.

What was supposed to be a pleasant outing turned out to be a nightmare as you know Chihuahua's are tiny and it takes only one bite.   I kept having to pick them up and carry them away.  There were only two other dog owners amongst many that had their dogs on leashes.  I wont be returning to Delta Park with my puppies as they both were very shaken from this outing.

Emmerentia is a bit better.  I have no problem with people taking their dogs off the leashes for a swim in one of the small dams but then put them back on their leashes straight after.  There are always a few dogs left to run all over the place without any control.  Long leashes have been developed to give your dogs plenty of freedom and it is not the general public's problem if dog owners do not have enough space in their own yards for their dogs to roam freely.  There have been countless people and dogs attacked by free roaming dogs.  Don't even try to have a picnic at Emmerentia.  We have had many picnic meals destroyed by free roaming dogs and if their owners were around we get a feeble "Sorry".

I appeal to City Parks please enforce the by law for leashes.

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