Monday, August 6, 2012

Super Chef/Husband

Jess: When Michael puts on his apron it's as if he become Super Chef

Me (swallowing food): Mmmm, so he is a cooking super hero, almost as good as Batman.

We were eating this meal when Jess came up with the super hero chef. Vegetarian nachos for Jess and nachos with mince for me.  I think the new dishes we bought has added to the super chefiness.  He keeps wanting to make meals that can go in the individual oven dishes.

This past week we had individual pies, individual nachos, individual cottage pie and then lasagne last night.  Jess' friend Kelly raved about the lasagne she said she had never tasted better food in her life.

Michael's head is swelling a bit but I really don't mind.  It works beautifully, when I start cooking half heartedly he invariably takes over.  Mission accomplished.  Don't get me wrong I quite like cooking but not too often once or twice a month will do. Michael has decided the cooking is his chore and that suites me fine.   You have to eat every day that makes it a very tied down chore.  The worst is the deciding what is for dinner, he still ropes me in on this one.  I think I should make a rule that if cooking is your chore deciding what to cook is your chore as well.

No, ladies sorry he is not for sale.  He fixes things (the computers, the car, blocked drains, dodgy wiring) as well and (drum roll please) I don't have to ask him twice.  


  1. Now, I am hungry. Individual dishes are a fab idea. If I make one massive cottage pie - the 15 yo boy will pull a face. Somehow if it's served up in a small individual dish, his face remains unchanged! ie no pulling.

    My sister and I have whole conversations on what to make for tea. I hate having to come up with creative and tasty ideas! Left to my own devices I'd be living off toast!

  2. Ha ha I am very lazy on my own if the family are not around I too would live on toast.