Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Snow in Joburg

On Sunday Joburgers were wearing t-shirts we had decided that the mild winter was on its way out.

Today it is snowing.

People have abandoned their offices and are outside frolicking in the snow.  Children were let out of their classes at school to go and play in the snow.  Everybody in Johannesburg has pictures of the snow on their Facebook profiles.

If you live in one of those places where it snows every winter, you may be wondering what all the excitement is about.

The last time it snowed properly all over Johannesburg was September 1980, yip that is right, thirty two years ago.  It was such a special day, that to this day if you ask anybody that lived in Johannesburg at the time where they were the day it snowed, they can still remember.

I am not a fan of cold weather but today watching the snow flakes falling I am enjoying it.  Who knows it may be another 30 years before we have snow again.  So fellow Johannesburgers cherish today.  Please drive slowly, remember we aren't used to snow.


  1. I just love the snowflakes falling in every direction, so pretty.  But spare a thought for the elderly, and the homeless, they are really going to have a hard time of it.

    In this country we are not geared for snow, our houses are not that well insulated, we don't have double glazing.....we don't have snow tyres on our cars...we are complete snow novices!

  2. Snow has such a magical quality. To look at, but the melty days are the worst. I hate slipping!

  3. We sure are snow novices.  It was a memorable day.