Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mei Arrives

A few months ago Sayaka (My Japanese Rotary daughter) sent me a message asking me if her friend Mei could stay with us for two weeks as she is doing her thesis and wants to interview South African women.

Mei arrived this morning.

Murphies bloody law, till yesterday we were having a mild winter.  There was one very cold week in July but since then we have had beautiful sunny days and it seemed as if the worst was over.

I assured Mei that it was a mild winter and even told her not to pack too many warm clothes.

Yesterday when it snowed for the first time in 31 years, I messaged her fortunately she was not on the plane yet and reassured me that she had a warm jacket on.

I picked her up at the airport this morning and poor Mei had her first view of sunny South Africa on the dullest, bleakest and coldest day.  She must have wondered if she was in the right country.

Mei was sitting in our lounge shivering earlier and said that needed to buy warmer clothes.  I reassured her that in a day or two the weather will be warm again.  (If the weather man can be trusted)  I found some jerseys for Mei to swim in wear (I am very large and Mei is a skinny little person).  She is now snug on the couch with a blanket and I hope the weather will come round soon so that she can enjoy her visit.

More snow day pics:

The puppies did not like the weather much, they could  not understand why we kept going outside.


  1. Oh my WORD!! Well, extend my welcome to Mei - and I hope that the weather improves quickly!! loved the snow, tho!! :))

  2. That is always the way weather goes! Ugh...pretty soon it will be our winter here. Not looking forward to 20 below temperatures!! Have fun with your house guest!! Hope the weather warms up a bit :)

  3. We had a sunny and much warmer day today.  Thanks Leiah.

  4. Thank you Jayn and as you know by now we did have a lovely day today. :-)

  5. Living on the other side of the world from you its jarring to read about snow in August. We are in the midst of 90 degree days. Fun photos of Mei. I hope she enjoys the trip in spite of the weather. One day I'd like to visit South Africa... in warm weather! 

  6. There are lots of great places to go to in South Africa our holiday month is December but if you come in January out of season the weather is lovely and places are not over run with holiday makers.