Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Women's Day Ladies

Yesterday when I was hard at work at work sorting and sorting and sorting and sorting and sorting and sorting and sorting, Michael came to me and told me that our boss would give us Friday off as long as we came in to work for a short while today which is a public holiday in SA, Women's Day.   

It sounded like a good deal except that I was looking forward to my first fun walk. Then I checked the time and saw it was starting at 6h30.  Seeing that I only had to be at work at 9h00, I could if I left straight after the walk make it back in time to go to work.

Then came the horrible realisation I HAD TO GET UP AT 4H30 AM!!!!!

Michael has flu so he said he would see how he felt in the morning but he was not making any promises.  

When we got home I approached Jess:

"Would you like to go on a fun walk with me tomorrow, we need to get up at 4h30 but seeing it is a long weekend you can sleep in for the rest of the weekend?"

Jess acted very strangely and did not give me a straight answer all she said was:

"What drugs are you on?"

One rejection makes you more determined so I improved my pitch by the time I went to ask Mei:

"So Mei, guess what I am going to Pretoria tomorrow morning for a FUN walk, it sounds so exciting you will get to see lots of South African people and you will see the city next to Johannesburg.  We have to get up early 4h30, but Pretoria is a LOT warmer than Johannesburg.  Do you want to come with me?"

I don't know if my pitch worked or if Mei is simply to polite but a day after flying half way across the world I had her out of bed at 4h30 in the morning and walking in the freezy cold by 6h30.  Michael was not feeling well enough and he is sticking to that story.  Fortunately the sun put in a lovely bright appearance and the walk was fun.  

I will add more pics later.  Mei is dosing on the couch.  Might have something to do with above evil plan to have company on my first fun walk.  I forgot my camera so Mei took the pictures, I will get them from her tomorrow.

Mei said that she enjoyed herself .  The atmosphere was very vibrant and the walkers and runners are all very encouraging.  

At the end of the walk we got medals (my first medal ever) and a goody bag.
Some items from the goody bag

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