Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zis and Zat


Danielle, Raewyn's best friend has come to stay with us.

Welcome Didi

If you are scared of crazy do not meet Raewyn and Danielle in a deserted street at night.  Its alright to have one of them on their own but if you ever see the two together run!

Having our second Japanese guest we are more convinced that all Japanese people are Ninja's, Mei in seconds got full score on an Olympics Google game that Jess was not being too successful with.  

Another ditsy conversation ala Vivian style:

"I am born in November, it is my favourite month."

"I am born 1st April so people always tease me."

"My birth month is easy to guess?"

"Ha ha true."

"Why what is your birth month?"

"May of course, that is why my name is Mei, only it is spelt differently."

"Ooooh I thought Mei meant something in Japanese."

Mei has gone off to Cape Town for a few days and is staying in Cape Town with Carmen and Jason.  I just realised we are a great family for tourists.  Our guests can visit us in Jozie, Carmen and Jason in Cape Town, Raewyn and Dylan in Durban and my brother and family in Nelspruit (close to Kruger National Park biggest game reserve in Africa).  All tourists hotspots covered.  BAM

Raewyn my middle daughter is I am proud to say an ice cream artist. (She also manages the ice cream store but that is less interesting)

Never knew there was such a career?  Here is a pic to illustrate:

Let me brag a bit more, Carmen recently was promoted to manager at the fancy smancy restaurant she works for.  Jess found out today that her term percentage for history is in the 80's!  I won the soup competition and I am going to Cape Town for a weekend.

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