Sunday, August 19, 2012

Say What?

This morning I went to the supermarket.  I was behind a delivery scooter for Scooter's Pizza.  He turned right into the the same parking that I was going to.  NO INDICATORS.  I walked into Scooters to report him but they were uninterested saying that he was delivering cheese to them but did not work for him.  This means he must work for head office.  He would not give me his name.  He said he did not use his indicators because they were broken.  When I went to write down the number plate of the scooter there was none.  A large national franchise has delivery vehicles on the road that are not road worthy and do not have the necessary plates.

Following this baffling experience we had a lovely day.  Penny my sister and her boyfriend Craig came for lunch.  Mila visited us for the weekend.

She didn't dress up this time but as always it was a lot of fun having a six year old in the house.  Friday night she went to the theatre to watch a ballet production with Jess.  Jess' friend Kiruna was in the show and invited her to watch.  Knowing how much Mila enjoys ballet, I phoned my sister and asked her if she could bring Mila.  After the theatre it was really late and Mila was exhausted, I did not bath her but put her straight into her PJs.  To remind her aunty Viv that she is now a big girl she sighed when I put her lovely soft fluffy dressing gown on.

"I don't like zis dressing gown."  (She still sounds German when she speaks)''


"Why it is so lovely and soft."


"It has Tigger on it, Tigger is for babies, I am a big girl now."

Later when we told Jess about how Mila feels about the dressing gown.


"I still love Tigger, I suppose I haven't grown up yet can I have your dressing gown?"


"Psshttt, silly there is no way you would fit in it."


"Are you saying I am fat?"

Mila did not dignify this with an answer simply a shake of the head at her crazy cousin.

Mila and I spent some time on the trampoline pretending it was a boat and the surrounds was an ocean.  Mila caught some very large fish which I had to carry to the kitchen.

It was quite a lovely day not quite summer but rather sunny.  Mila decided it was warm enough to swim.  We  said that she could only paddle on the step with her water wings on.  There was no way that if she slipped we were going into the pool after her.  She had a lot of fun splashing Mei and Jess.  In typical 6 year old fashion even though she was turning blue she was not happy when she was told that she should stop swimming before she becomes an ice pop.

Penny, Mila and Mei on the trampoline
I baked a carrot cake that crumpled when I took it out of the oven dish.  I put it in a bowl and poured the icing over it and called it Carrot Surprise.  After lunch we had Carrot Surprise which was despite appearances still a hit.  I wanted to keep some for Michael for later but it was gone before I could hide any for him.  We have sweety monster girls in our house.

This afternoon another weird thing happened Jess' blog says it all at this link.

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