Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Power Bath

My laptop's battery died about a year ago.  Due to puppies chewing my power cable resulting in many modifications,  it now slips out of my laptop very easily.
This cable has survived Hercules chewing it up a couple of times and Cleo once.  I think if Michael has to tape it up another time he should get tape that says "Chihuahua survivor".

When I write I sit in front of the television on the couch.  I know everybody else in the civilized world needs peace and quiet but I have a secret weapon.  I am able to shut off every outside interference completely.  I think it comes from having been a single Mom bringing up 3 little girls on my own.  If I did not switch off I would have probably... Well lets not go there.

Anyway invariably when I am writing the most boring assed business writing (I freelance write for an extra income) the power cable will pop out.

I know what you are thinking:

"What about Auto Save and Auto Recovery."

I know, what about them?  I have set mine to save every second.


My Auto Save and Auto Recovery have evil personas of their own

Those two little devils save bullshit that I was writing and not very worried about but when I have written 10 pages of the most boring work, then when one of the puppies knocks out my power cable: Auto Save: 0 Auto Recovery 0.

This past Friday, I wrote 3 articles of a very tedious repetitive nature; the kind where you use your thesaurus extensively and the only amusement you get is thinking about some of the words that are offered and how inappropriate they would be.

I was not feeling very inspired and my only motivation was that I had to finish them to meet my deadline and if I did them then I would be free from work on Saturday.

Col jumped up on the couch to sit next to me and knocked the power cable out.  I did not swear or get mad immediately after all Auto Save and Auto Recovery surely had done their jobs.

No such freaking luck.

Once my laptop was back on and I scoured and searched and scoured and searched some more only to find nothing saved, I swore a lot.

Col could not understand why I was glaring at him and went to huddle with one of the girls for safety.

Michael fortunately did not say:

"Why don't you save more often?"

If he had I would have thrown something at him.

I left it at that, my articles were supposed to be flattering and I could not think of any kind adjectives in my rage.

Saturday morning once I had breakfasted my niece Mila who was sleeping over, I went to have a long bath.

I not only had the 15 articles to write but I also had to write a pitch for a new writing job.

I lay in the bath and suddenly what I should write for my pitch came to me and I even thought of fresh ideas for the 15 similar articles that I had to write.

I finished the pitch and the articles in record time.

I now have Power Baths.

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