Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Ninja in my kitchen

Having had our second Japanese visitor, Mei we are now more convinced than ever that all Japanese people are Ninjas.

Mei should be on her plane back to Tokyo right now.  Fortunately I am large as I had to sit on Mei's case so that she could get it shut she bought so many gifts for friends and family.  She bought bags and bags of tasty South African biscuits.  Of course we all offered to sit at the airport and eat the biscuits if her bag was over the weight limit.

My apologies South Africa but due to my family she is going back thinking that all South Africans are freaking crazy.

Mei leaving

We braaied (barbequed) for Mei two nights before.  The last few days have been lovely and sunny I can really feel summer coming.  I explained to Mei that braaing is a big tradition with South Africans and it is not only the grilling of the meat on the fire but a social event as well.  We sit together outside and chat.  (In our family's case, talk the biggest lot of nonsense.)

Mei asked me if she could cook dinner for us as a thank you for our hospitality.  The entire family raved about Sayaka's (our rotary daughter) cooking.


"My food will not be that good, I can't cook like Sayaka does."


"You are a Ninja I am sure it will be good."


"Ha ha I am not a Ninja."

Yesterday Mei started cooking dinner at midday already.  The smells that were coming from the kitchen were heavenly.

Eventually she told us that dinner was ready.

Our family loves sushi, we did not get the traditional cute little rolls of Sushi but even better Mei made us a sushi cake it was divine.  She also made a mince dish which was delicious.   The sweet dishes were also great.  Our family fell in love with Mei completely yes the way to our shallow hearts is definitely through our stomachs.

I then had evil thoughts.

I had visions of having a Ninja in my pantry cupboard.

In a few days when people would start looking for Mei, I would say:

"I have no idea I took her to the airport."

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