Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gentlemen and the Tramp

While both our Chihuahua puppies are thoroughbred, Col is Rolls Royce and Cleo is Volksie, Col is Caviar and Cleo is hotdog, Col is Beethoven and Cleo is System of the Down, Col is Mohogany and Cleo is Pine, Col is Stuttafords and Cleo is Checkers.
Cleo doing her favourite thing

When we got Cleo she was covered in fleas she became horribly ill with diarrhoea because she had a very poor diet.  Michael and I took turns staying up and nursing her and for three days.

Col is a gentleman and Cleo is a ruffamagin.  When Michael gives the puppies and the cats a special treat, Cleo gulps hers down at an amazing speed then she runs and steals whatever is left from Col and the same goes for the cats.  She does not realise that the cats are bigger than her.  In this household she is the alpha female.

Col is hyperactive and loves to run around most of the day.  Cleo is lazy and loves her sleep.  Don't try to move Cleo when she is sleeping she growls at you as if to say, "Bugger off can't you see I am comfortable." Col usually gets the most growling from Cleo as he is always trying to convince her to go and play with him.  Oddly enough Cleo loves playing fetch while Col does not understand the game and simply tries to annoy Cleo while she is running with the ball.
Cleo getting the ball and Col about to bug her

Col is the good pup always seeking approval, Cleo is the one who gets up to mischief. Her laziness is a blessing.


  1. Col and Cleo are the luckiest chihuahuas around. Do they realize that? I hope so! I love your descriptions - caviar and hot dog, rolls royce and volksie. I'm this way with my pets, too, they have my full attention. When I'm not maintaining my blog that is... ok so they don't have my full attention. Cute post, Vivian. I enjoyed it.

  2. They are freaking spoiled Stephanie Cleo gets carried to be at night. She lies on her back and waits to be fetched from the lounge.

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