Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm scccaaareeeddd

A few days ago, I was sent an invitation to interview for a job.

I wrote their difficult test and thought:

"I will probably not pass anyway."

Then I was advised I passed and set up for a Skype interview.

The interview went well at the end she told me that I have passed to work the week trial period.

"Do I have any questions?"
I was so dumbfounded that I had passed that I could not think of any.

I have been clearing up my schedule, I resigned from any freelancing work that I have currently because I will not have time for anything once I start the trial period.

Now I am worried: 

Will I be able to do the job?  

Why did I not think of all the questions that I am thinking about today?

I was so impressed by the large salary offered that all I could see was $$$$$.

My Dad used to say that my Mom and I always rush into things and think later.  


Michael thinks the same thing he tries to say it diplomatically.  I am blessed to be married to the sensible part of me.


  1. Ha! I am married to the sensible part of me as well, and this sounds like something that I would get myself into. However, I am sure that you will be great, and if all else fails...dazzle them with bullshit.

  2. Good idea I am 90 percent bullshit already.