Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nature hates us

Have you ever read a  thick novel that you really enjoyed but kept losing it?  I have for the past four years been reading a novel that goes missing all the time.  It has about a thousand pages, so it takes me about an hour to find my last place each time it reappears.  I read a few pages put it down and when I look again it is gone.

This novel is about Mother Nature or (in the interest of gender equality) Father Nature turning on us.  Saying hey you Homo Sapiens have been fucking with me for the past  200 000 years oh oops sorry Creationists   6 000 years now I am going to get rid of you Earth Sucking Slime Lice.

Yes Nature outright shows in a not to subtle way that it is pissed with us using horrendous tsunamis, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes.

BUT it is the sly way that Nature fucks with us that is not always noticed.

I am on to you Nature.

Things like this:

The weather was like this on the weekend:

On Monday the weather was like this:

Wait there is more:

Nature even screwed with our biology to make things terrible.

When children become teenagers and their hormones are raging.

Nature knocks us in the guts.


Because at the same time most women are going through menopause.

All those crazy hormones in one house and Nature sits back and plots some more.

"Yes Brain"
"I have an evil plan to take over the world Wa ha ha"
"How Brain?"
"I am going to join forces with Nature."

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