Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to say no to teenagers

I really hate saying no, which is a problem when you have teenagers.

You know when you are going to have to say no.

When your teenagers out of the blue come and ask you if you want coffee.

Wait it is coming!

If they do all their chores and clean their bedrooms out of the blue.

It is not out of the blue, really, these buggers have a plan brewing.

Know that you are in big trouble and you are going to have to say double NOOOO.

All I can advise is call in backup.

Saying no carries more weight if other people are agreeing.

Make sure at this point make sure you are wearing protective gear.

You are now the most hated person in the world.

Don't worry in a few years they will love you again.  You will have aged overnight and even though you are only in your mid forties you will look like this:


  1. Oh Vivian! This cracks me up! I am the "push over" of the parental force. I can only imagine how they will hate me when they are older. Gasp! Teenagers. I'm scared. For now...cookies and a heart to heart usually wins them over after I have to say the dreaded "NO!"

  2. Oh this made me laugh... and scared the pants of me!
    My oldest are only 9 (twins) and I am very very afraid of the coming teenage years!

  3. Seriously funny! I am going to remember this when my son turns into a teen! My mom was great at saying "NO!" and now that I'm 50, THANK GOODNESS! Example, me at 16 in a skimpy top and short, short skirt. Mom, "NO!" Gobs of makeup on, "NO!" To this day I don't wear make up or wear short skirts (not very often, wink, wink)!

  4. Oh Lisa and I am such a terrible Mother and stupidly over protective for saying no when personal safety is in jeopardy.

  5. Kate I always thought my oldest was super sensible and the teen years would be a breeze, boy was I wrong, fortunately she is a wonderful adult and has her sense back.

  6. I am also a terrible push over and my husband is even worse so I have to be the tough guy.