Thursday, September 13, 2012

Poor widdle mice

I kill or maim mice on a regular basis.

Ok ok before you go and report me to some animal organisation.

Computer mice!

I hate touch pads so my laptop one is disabled.

Michael runs a little hospital for mice.

Every mouse in our house has been to hospital and is bandaged up.

I swear it is simply bad luck.  This morning I picked up my power cable and my mouse went flying.

Unfortunately it did not have a magic carpet :-(

It is in hospital and I have been given another one to use for now,


"SIGH, please don't break this one before your one is repaired."



"That totally was not me did you see Cleo knocked it off the couch?"


"YEAH, blame the puppies."


  1. The touchpad on my laptop drives me mad! It's so sensitive. I can delete whole paragraphs with a gentle brush of a bosom!!

    Good job mice breed like er rabbits!! X

  2. Rachel for some reason everybody elses' comments show now but yours. I publish and approve yours. No idea what is wrong and spam comments come through without approval go figure.

  3. LOL It makes me feel special! I always comment as Rachelradiostar (Google). I'll try this comment a different way if I can!! Thanks for your comments xxx here I go - trying as anonymous
    Rachel x

  4. It made me do captcha n the same msg, it will be visible after approval!

  5. Lol poor mice & I always blame the dog. My poor westie gets blamed for a lot at home. The only time he draws the line is if I try and lie to my husband and say he's been for a walk.

  6. We have dogs and cats so I have plenty of victims to blame.